Be prepared for a storm

Be prepared for a storm

If a tropical storm makes landfall, your well-being is our main concern, so don’t wait to prepare for the storm’s arrival. For the latest news on the storm’s path, watch your local TV news or The Weather Channel, or visit nhc.noaa.gov. To help you prepare, here are four useful tips:

1. Evacuate if you’re told to. 

Your family’s safety must be your main concern. Do not “ride out” the storm if the authorities tell you to evacuate. Know your evacuation routes, gas up your cars, air up your tires, pack your bags, and prepare to lock up and leave if you are told to. If high winds are predicted in your area, use plywood to board up your windows and glass doors.

2. Create a possessions inventory. 

Walk through your house and around your property and create a video record of your belongings, describing them aloud as you go. Write down anything valuable that’s out of sight. Store your written inventory with your important papers in a waterproof container and take it with you if you evacuate.

3. Gather emergency supplies now.

If you plan to stay home, immediately gather supplies for at least 3 days without power. This includes flashlights, batteries, a radio, a gallon of water daily per person, non-perishable food, medications, baby and pet supplies, etc. Keep cell phones charged, and be sure your supplies are easily accessible.

4.Take action after the storm. 

If you evacuate, don’t return home until the authorities say it’s safe. After the storm passes, re-do the video walk-around of your house and property and describe any damage.

If your house/property is damaged and you can’t make your mortgage payment—or if you need help with homeowner’s insurance—call us at 800-365-7107. For insurance help, select Option 5.

To register for federal disaster relief, call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362 / TTY 800-462-7585; or visit DisasterAssistance.gov to see if you qualify for Individual Disaster Assistance.

Other Resources

For other resources to help after a natural disaster, you can visit the following: