Save time this school year with freezer-friendly meals

Save time this school year with freezer-friendly meals

Ease the stress of the back-to-school hustle with these easy freezer-friendly recipes.

Your time is valuable, and now that school is in session it may be limited. Spending your mornings and evenings making delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals isn’t always possible, so stock your freezer with freezer-friendly meals that can be heated up quickly on busy nights.

Freezer-friendly meals don’t have to be casserole dinners. Here are some creative options for yummy breakfasts, simple school lunches, and unique dinners:


These breakfast foods will be ready to eat after a minute or two in the microwave or an overnight thaw.  

Egg muffins. Egg muffins have a simple base of eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Create flavor combinations by adding in that last bit of spinach, breakfast meats, cheeses, or diced vegetables.   

Homemade poptarts. These 2-ingredient strawberry poptarts are cheap, quick to make, and easy to reheat.

Blueberry banana muffins. These sweet muffins can be enjoyed at home or on the go.

Breakfast sandwiches. This recipe is for spinach and mushroom sandwiches, but it’s easy to create your own flavors with different add-ins.

Pancake squares. Serve fluffy homemade pancakes in seconds. Add in chocolate chips or fruit for different flavors.

Packed Lunches

Make these meals in bulk and throw them in the freezer to make packing school lunches a breeze.

Pizza spirals. These are a perfect light lunch for even the pickiest of eaters!

Cheesy ham biscuit muffins. A fun twist on a classic ham and cheese sandwich.

Apple chicken nuggets. These delicious chicken patties are a wholesome meal that everyone will enjoy.

Mexican turkey tortilla roll-ups. Ditch the regular sandwich and try this fun roll-up option.

Soft pretzels. Making homemade pretzels can be a fun family activity—and the kids will love eating them, too!


Cheeseburger calzones. These mirror the ease and tastiness of Hot Pockets, but with fresh ingredients. Make a large batch and throw the extras in the freezer for a quick meal down the road. 

Garlic pork stir-fry. This recipe is easy to double and easy to prepare and freeze for a meal down the road.

Vegetable & potato chowder. This vegetarian dish is creamy, nutritious, and filling.

Chicken Tortilla Bake. This meal is made like lasagna with layers of tortillas, chicken, and cheese.

20-minute Tuscan pasta. An easy make-ahead pasta dinner that everyone will enjoy. 


Cereal bars. These can serve as a great breakfast or a healthy mid-day snack.

Yogurt popsicles. Frozen yogurt is good, but it’s even better when it’s in popsicle form.   

Breakfast cookies. Even your pickiest eater will be on board for breakfast cookies, right?  Don’t worry, these are low in sugar and packed with nutrients.

Frozen grapes. An incredibly easy frozen snack. Pop grapes straight into the freezer to make them a little more fun to eat. Leave them plain or toss them in sugar to add some sweetness.


Freezer-friendly meals are a great way to serve fresh homemade meals every day of the week without spending every morning and evening in the kitchen. Not to mention, cooking homemade meals with fresh ingredients will help keep your family happy and healthy.