How to celebrate Halloween on a budget

How to celebrate Halloween on a budget

Halloween is often considered the kick-off to the holiday season, so it’s only natural to want to get in the spirit! But between decorations, costumes, and treats, Halloween can get expensive.

So here are some budget-friendly ways to tackle the holiday:


Halloween is one of the best holidays for budget-friendly decorations. After all, the theme is spooky, scary, and abandoned—hello spider webs!

If you’re not a fan of DIY, a trip to the dollar store or thrift store for pre-made décor might be your best bet. If DIY is right down your alley, it's the perfect time to get creative—and a trip to these stores can be a helpful way to get started.  

Snag a ball of yarn to create a giant spider web, or put your summer garden tomato cages to use. You can get a Styrofoam ball to stick on the pointed end and drape it with a cheap white plastic tablecloth to create a standing ghost. Draw eyes and add lights underneath for some extra pizazz.

You likely have plenty of items around your house (glass bottles or jars, candles, plastic pumpkins, paint) that can easily transform into holiday decor. Look online to find plenty of great ideas for budget-friendly, easy DIY Halloween decorations.


Who knew bags of candy could be so expensive?

If you want to hand out a tasty treat that doesn’t break the bank, consider handing out mini drink mix packets or hot chocolate mix. Mini bottles of water are also a nice refreshing treat for trick-or-treaters who have been walking all night. Tie some fun orange and black ribbon around the bottles to make them more festive!

If you’re not afraid to pay with time versus money, consider making your own treats. Popcorn balls make for a great low-cost homemade treat. Or make a big batch of Halloween-themed punch and purchase disposable themed cups for your visitors to use.

If you’d rather not pass out food items at all, visit the dollar store or look online for themed toys like mini Play-Doh, slap bracelets, or bouncy balls. Glow sticks are another great treat that also help children stay safe while walking around at night. Setting up a temporary tattoo station for trick-or-treaters could also be a hit!

Costumes on a budget

Spending hours scrolling the Internet for inspiration can be tiresome, so try taking inspiration from your daily life—the food you eat, the shows you watch, the music you listen to, or the games you play.

Great places to visit to get started on your costume:

  • Thrift stores
  • Clearance aisles
  • Fabric stores
  • A friend or relative’s closet
  • Around your house (even items such as duct tape and toilet paper)

Sometimes all it takes is one small accessory to spark the greatest ideas! If you need more inspiration, here’s a list of 101 great DIY costume ideas.

The bottom line

Start your holiday season off right! Creating décor, treats, and costumes with your own two hands can be so rewarding—and so cheap! And saving money this Halloween means you might be able to splurge later on in the holiday season.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!