Ease the back-to-school transition with these 5 hacks

Ease the back-to-school transition with these 5 hacks

The new school year is almost here! Schedule changes aren’t easy for kids—or adults—so here are some hacks to make the transition from your summer schedule to your school schedule smooth.

Adjust sleep schedules

If your kids have been waking up at 9 a.m. all summer, the first day of school is not the time to start waking them up earlier. Spend the weeks leading up to their first day of school slowly transitioning them back into a school-year sleep schedule.

It may help to do a practice school-morning routine to figure out what bedtime and wake-up time will work best.

Focus on your evening routine

The ease of your morning routine will rely heavily on your evening routine. Mornings are often more restricted by time, so do as much as you can the night before to prepare for the day ahead. Making school lunches and choosing the next day’s outfit are great tasks to knock out in the evenings.

Find joy in the morning

We’re not all morning people, but intentionally adding joy to your morning routine can help ensure that your day starts off on the right foot. Encourage everyone in your family to find something that puts them in a good mood and build it into their routine, whether it’s taking time to stretch, eating a particular breakfast, or listening to an upbeat playlist.

Provide consistency

Children need consistency, so take advantage of the weeks leading up to the first day of school to slowly transition them into their new schedule.

Their sleep schedule may be the most important adjustment, but planning meals and activities to align with their school day will help ease the stress of a new school year, too. Talk with their teacher(s) about what they can expect in the classroom and do your best to mirror that at home.

Have a designated school zone

Choose a “drop zone” in your home for all of your children’s school gear. Keeping backpacks, homework, instruments, and projects in one area of your home will help ensure that your child gets everything to and from school that they’re supposed to—and it will help your home stay organized.

The bottom line

Starting the school year can be tough for children and adults alike. Changes in schedules can be stressful and hard to handle, but these morning routine hacks can help smooth the transition for everyone.

Don’t forget to enjoy the summer while it lasts and embrace the hecticness of the school year when it begins!