Storage ideas to help your garage reach its full potential

Storage ideas to help your garage reach its full potential

The garage is one of the most used spaces in the home—and usually one of the most cluttered. If your garage isn’t living up to its full potential, it’s time to re-evaluate what’s in it and how it’s being stored.

Whether you’re hoping to create a home gym, a new workspace, or you simply want your car to fit inside your garage, these ideas will help you maximize storage to create a space you can enjoy.

Declutter and sort

Every garage cleanup project should start with decluttering. The garage is often a dumping ground for miscellaneous odds and ends, items you don’t need, and items you hardly use. When you start your cleanup process, create a donation and trash pile. The fewer things you have in the garage, the easier it will be to keep it organized and usable.  

As you declutter and sort through your garage, categorize your items by use (athletic equipment, garden tools, cleaning supplies, hand tools, etc.). No matter how you plan to use your garage, it’s best to store items in the same category together.

Choose a storage solution

Garage items are often bulky and awkward, but there are storage solutions available for nearly everything you need to store. When choosing a solution, remember that keeping items off the floor is key. Here are some ideas:

Look up! Adding shelving to the overhead space in your garage could add more than 100 square feet of storage to your home. It’s one of the best places to store seasonal items and things you rarely access. Whether you build a simple upper shelf around the interior of your garage or invest in a heavy-duty overhead shelving system, your items will be off the floor and out of the way.    

Use wall shelving. This is one of the most common solutions. It’s budget-friendly, simple to install, and keeps items organized and easy to access. Pre-made shelving is available at most hardware stores and comes in a variety of sizes and strengths. Adding bins or baskets can help keep smaller items contained on the shelves.

Switch it up. Versatile wall systems make it easy to re-configure your storage without having to use power tools. Some of the most popular systems are:

  • Pegboards are a great, low-budget option for organizing items such as small tools.
  • A Slatwall is a heavier-duty version of a pegboard. It has a higher price tag but it’s more durable, has a higher weight limit, and can store a larger variety of items. To get the most use out of a Slatwall, be strategic about the accessories you choose. For example, a large basket attachment will work great for athletic balls, mitts, and other awkwardly shaped equipment, and hooks will work better for messy cords or hoses.
  • Tracks allow you to easily move items horizontally. They’re especially useful for bulky-headed yard tools and items that don’t work well on shelves.

Invest in a tool chest. Depending on the number of tools you have, a tool chest may be a great investment. Many tool chests can double as a workstation, too.

Hook it up. Hooks are a simple yet effective storage solution. They can hold garden equipment, bikes, extension cords, ladders, and more. They’re budget-friendly and help get items off the floor and onto the wall.

Extra tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative! There are tons of ways to make your own garage storage solutions on the cheap by using scrap material that’s already in your garage.    

The bottom line

There are a variety of tools and systems you can use to get a handle on your garage storage. Finding a system that fits your items, budget, and lifestyle will ensure that your system lasts and your space stays clean.