5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

Working from home has many advantages: a better work-life balance, a 30-second commute, and being surrounded by the comforts of home. For many, working from home may look like sitting on the couch or in bed with a laptop. For some, it’s working outside because that’s the only spot they can find peace and quiet from their kids. However, you may find you are most productive when you have an actual office space (complete with desk and chair) to work in. Here are five key tips for creating the perfect home office:

1. Location, location, location.

In an ideal world, you’d find a space that’s private and quiet—somewhere you can shut the door. But if you don’t have a spare room or basement, you’ll need to get creative. Of course, you could use your dining table if you don’t mind packing up your computer setup each day. If that doesn’t appeal to you, look for any unused corners or larger closets that you can use. You’d be surprised how you can transform even the smallest spaces!

2. Don’t skimp on comfort.

It can be hard to spend money on office furniture, but your body will thank you if you do. An ergonomically correct chair with good support can make all the difference when you’re sitting at your desk for hours at a time. Not to mention, you’ll need a desk large and sturdy enough to accommodate your computer, extra monitors, books, files, etc. Don’t have much money to spend? Check out your local antique or consignment furniture stores for quality pieces that you could restore.

3. Manage your cords.

Between your computer, extra monitors, chargers, etc. you’re likely to have a lot of cords in your way. You can use a cable management kit, which comes with a variety of clips and straps to neatly tuck cords away. Or just to simply use zip ties to bundle them together. No more tripping hazard!

4. Find good lighting.

Though your computer monitors do light up, it’s very important that they don’t serve as your only By themselves, computer screens cause a lot of eye strain. It’s best to work somewhere with lots of natural lighting, and then add a small task lamp for evenings. Also, avoid overhead lighting as it may create a glare on your computer screens causing more eye strain.

5. Add your own personal touches.

It’s important to surround yourself with items that brighten your day and make you happy. You can incorporate some fresh, green plants or frame your favorite family photos. Also, try tacking or taping up funny cartoons or memes that make you laugh. Whatever you do, remember to switch it up often; staring at the same items day in and day out makes work-life monotonous and boring.

It doesn’t take much effort to create a beautiful office. With just a little imagination, and maybe some Pinterest inspiration, you can have a space that sparks creativity and motivates you to work hard. Good luck!