Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing rated “A” by Upstate South Carolina Better Business Bureau

Greenville, SC (July 20, 2016) — In a legendary series of 1970s TV commercials for a leading investment firm, the late British/American actor John Houseman stared into the camera and stoically delivered his now-famous catchphrase: “They make money the old-fashioned way—they earn it.” That’s the same way Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (SMS) recently gained a coveted “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau of Upstate South Carolina. SMS earned the upgrade from its former “B” rating by successfully resolving complaints, by maintaining transparent business practices, by operating a stable, long-term business, and by satisfying the wide range of other evaluation criteria the BBB uses to rate local businesses.

“We’re gratified that our local BBB awarded us an ‘A’ rating,” said Michael Keaton, SMS Executive Vice President. “The only way to gain such a rating is to conduct business ethically and responsibly—a big part of which involves the successful and timely handling and resolution of customer inquiries.”

“We service well over 150,000 mortgage loans nationwide, so we collect borrower payments from coast to coast,” noted Keaton. “And since the Upstate SC BBB began reporting on us in 2011, we’ve successfully resolved nearly 200 consumer inquiries—which represents only about one-tenth of one percent of the customers we serve. And while our inquiry volumes are small compared to the ‘Big Five’ banks, our primary mission is to create an outstanding customer experience, so we take every inquiry seriously. It’s great to see such a tangible payoff from the effort our Customer Service team is making.”

The mission of the 111 local BBB offices across North America is to foster “honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers” as a means of “instilling consumer confidence and contributing to a trustworthy marketplace.” To achieve those goals, BBB uses a matrix of 13 “elements” to evaluate and rate businesses—including complaint volume, unanswered/unresolved complaints, and delayed resolutions. Other elements include business type, the length of time a company has been in business, business-practice transparency, and any regulatory compliance-related or legal actions against a business.

About Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Shellpoint is one of the largest non-bank servicers, with over 1.7 million residential mortgage loans. Shellpoint has offices throughout the United States, including Greenville, South Carolina; Houston, Texas; Tempe, Arizona; and Jacksonville, Florida. Shellpoint’s clients include leading banks, loan originators, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Shellpoint’s ongoing success is grounded in its ability to deliver superior asset performance and to develop creative and practical solutions for homeowners in need. Shellpoint is proud to be part of NewRez LLC (“NewRez”). NewRez is owned by New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE: NRZ), a publicly traded REIT that invests in and actively manages residential real estate investments.


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