Here we grow again: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (SMS) now has nearly 500,000 loans under management

Greenville, SC (November 23, 2018) — Some say the best part of a journey isn’t the destination, but the stops along the way. We pause to take in magnificent scenery, enjoy a great meal at a roadside diner, or contemplate a historical landmark—and then we continue our journey, looking forward to the next memorable interlude.

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing (SMS) has reached another landmark in its own journey—only three months after growing its residential mortgage-loan portfolio to 300,000 loans, the company has further expanded its portfolio to 475,000 loans. And while it’s certainly cause for celebration, it’s also a signal of positive change for all SMS
stakeholders: homeowners, clients, and employees.

Describing the benefits to the homeowners whose loans are serviced by SMS, Chief Servicing Officer Michael Keaton said, “Our growth enables us to fund and develop industry-leading self-service tools that give our homeowners more convenience than ever. For example, we recently enhanced our website so homeowners in distress can easily research loan-modification options and apply online, whenever it’s convenient for them.”

For homeowners who prefer to do business over the phone, Keaton said SMS keeps adding more intelligence to its phone system. Now, based on their previous phone activity, the company’s IVR [interactive voice response] system can predict why homeowners are calling—which helps them connect with representatives more quickly.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to make things easier and faster for our homeowners,” stated Keaton, “and our steady growth increasingly empowers us to deliver on that commitment.”

That same principle applies to the way SMS serves its client/investors. Keaton said, “Our growth has dramatically increased our servicing capacity. For example, just five years ago it would’ve been a real challenge for us to take on 20,000 loans on short notice. But now that’s just another day’s work for us. Because of our increased scale, we’re better equipped to react quickly to our clients’ business needs.”

“Our business expansion also provides outstanding benefits for our associates [employees],” observed Keaton. “To support our growth, we bring on new talent—and we promote and advance our existing associates. In fact, I appeal to anyone who’s looking to join a thriving company with a bright future: As our staff grows, we can offer
more opportunities for promotion or for transferring into different departments. If you just want a good job, SMS is a great place to work. But if you want a career, we’re an even better place to work.”

About Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing is one of America’s “top 15” non-bank servicers of residential mortgage loans. From its offices in Greenville, SC and Houston, TX, SMS serves a wide range of clients nationwide, including leading banks, loan originators, and private equity firms—all of whom value the company’s reputation for creating positive
mortgage-payment experiences. SMS’ ongoing success is grounded in its ability to deliver superior asset performance and to develop creative and practical solutions for homeowners in need.

SMS is proud to be part of Shellpoint Partners—a diversified and vertically integrated residential mortgage-banking organization based in New York City. In July 2018, Shellpoint Partners and all of its companies joined New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE: NRZ), a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on
investing in and actively managing residential real estate investments.

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