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We understand that transfers such as this can lead to a lot of questions. We have provided some key dates and answers to commonly asked questions to help you through this transition process. For example, common questions you may have on key dates include:



March 16

Transfer of your loan from Ditech to Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing.

March 16 to March 22

Shellpoint will be loading loan information to our operating systems. Please note: Shellpoint will have limited information regarding your loan while we load this data.

March 23

Loans are active on our systems. Payments can now be received.

We want to provide you with tools and options to make managing your loan simple and easy. Here at this site, you can find additional information and ways to manage your account. Once you create a profile, you will have online access to view statements, make payments, and even chat with a Customer Care representative to address any questions you may have.
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Here are some commonly asked questions that will also be beneficial during this transition period:



What you need to do

Why is this transfer happening?
will it occur?

For various business reasons, the owners of mortgage loans sometimes transfer the servicing of those loans to another servicer.

Nothing. None of your mortgage terms have changed. The only difference is the company you send payments to. Your transfer date is March 16, 2020.

Who do I contact to talk about my mortgage?

If you have questions before March 16, 2020, call Ditech at 1-800-643-0202. After March 16, 2020 you can call Shellpoint at (877) 263-0336 — but please note that we will have only limited information about your loan until March 23, 2020.

Before March 16, 2020, call Ditech at 1-800-643-0202. After March 16, 2020, call Shellpoint at (877) 263-0336.

I pay my mortgage by check or money order. What will I need to do?

Starting on March 16, 2020, send your payments to:

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

P.O. Box 740039
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0039

However, we cannot process your payment until March 23, 2020.

Write your new loan number on your check or money order— but do not send payments to us until at least March 16, 2020.

We will not charge late fees during the transfer process.

I pay my mortgage via my bank’s bill-paying service. What will I need to do?

You must update the information in your bank’s bill-paying service.

Update your bank’s bill-paying service with your new payee information and your new loan number.

I pay via monthly autodraft (automatic withdrawal) from my bank account. What will I need to do?

Your monthly autodraft arrangements will transfer to us automatically from your previous servicer, so you don’t need to do anything.

Please note: bi-weekly drafting information will not be transferring to Shellpoint. You can download the bi-weekly form from our website starting on March 23, 2020.

Nothing. Your monthly autodraft arrangements will transfer directly from your previous servicer. Your payment will be withdrawn from your account on that date and in the amount you previously specified.

I just made a payment to my previous servicer. What will happen to it?

Make your regular mortgage payments to Ditech through March 15, 2020. Ditech will make sure your payments are credited to your account with us.

Nothing. Your previous servicer will make sure your payments are credited to your account. If you sent them a payment after March 16, 2020, they will forward the payment to us.

What if I want to make a payment now?

We can accept your payment starting March 16, 2020, but we cannot process it before March 23, 2020. Please send your payments to Ditech through March 15, 2020.

Do not make payments directly to Shellpoint until March 16, 2020.

When will I get more information about my new loan servicer?

We will mail your official welcome letter on about March 25, 2020; we will send it to the mailing address on file with your previous servicer.

Nothing. We will send you a welcome letter within 15 days after March 16, 2020.

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