If at any time you have questions about your account, please call 1-800-365-7107

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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing will do everything we can to ensure you have the best service experience possible over the life of your loan.

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing provides customer-focused loan servicing via highly trained Customer Care Representatives.

Customers who call us will find that friendly Customer Care Representatives are available to quickly take their call. We also offer customers the ability to chat with us online or send an inquiry via e-mail.

Shellpoint offers payment methods to match your lifestyle and payment preferences. We offer monthly bill statements for those customers who prefer a traditional approach. We also offer electronic billing statements, monthly automated drafting, the flexibility of self-service payments via our website, and we are electronically integrated with most online banking billpay systems. You can also make your payment over the phone.

Please see the instructions on the Set Up Your Account page to create a login to access your account on our website or to enroll in electronic statements.

If at any time you have questions about your account, please call 1-800-365-7107.

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing is proud to be a part of the Shellpoint LLC family.

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